Month: March 2023

Illustration shows figures walking a narrow platform surrounded by light, to the left in a hurry to walk upstairs, in the centre exchanging handshakes, to the right a person slowly walks towards the light. click for more information on justice


An essential goal for Scotland should be to substantially reduce crime. We believe this must be achieved through the use of interventions which break the cycle of offending. At the same time we want to see a plan for justice which is clear of hindering delays.

Illustration shows a group of miniature figures walk across open hands which form a bridge. Click to read more about Public Finance

Public Finance

A Scotland in which our collective future is built by investment. Investment to transform a regional into a national economy and to break the cycle …

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A parent holds their child up in the air in a playful mood. This casts a long shadow on the wall opposite.


We recognise wellbeing to be the foundation for all educational success. It’s time to build a curriculum which rises to this standard. Chapter Summary Sorted’s …

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A brick with Scotland's Saltire Flag is being placed by a bricklayer into a wall of other National flags from around the world. Click to read more about 'World'


World: Our proposals for a Scotland which establishes itself in the world by developing positive relations and making itself a welcoming country.

An illustration shows a doctor meeting a patient to discuss their health options. Click this image to read more about 'Health'


Health: By building capacity and trusting staff we have a programme which can rescue the National Health Service from a downward spiral.

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