Aberdeen Local Governing Document

Common Weal Aberdeen (hereinafter CWA) is an Aberdeen based not for profit group.

We are loosely associated with the wider Common Weal group covering Scotland but we decide how our local group operates and feed into the national group. Common Weal is an idea that belongs to everyone and believes that Government should reflect the will of the people, not the will of the money markets.

CWA is open to all individuals who live, work, or are in education in Aberdeen City and surrounding areas, irrespective of gender, age, nationality, religious belief, physical ability, ethnic background, sexual orientation or political belief (including political party membership). Under sixteen’s will be accompanied by a Guardian.

In all that we do

  • Democracy
  • Economic and Social Equality
  • Quality of life
  • Sustainability

…. will be cornerstones of any undertakings by CWA in making our city a better place to be and in delivering a better quality of life for all.

Although based in Aberdeen, our work may feed into the whole of Scotland but our main work will be undertaken for the benefit of the residents of Aberdeen City and the wider North East of Scotland.

Our Vision is to see in our communities a rejection of a Me-First attitude and instead build a different way that puts

All Of Us First.

We Aim To make Aberdeen City & surrounding areas a better place to Live

Objectives 1. Take a democratically arrived at view on matters pertinent to Aberdeen and surrounding areas

                  2. Educate locally, regarding the potential of working in new ways with new ideas.



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