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Who Are We? —

Robin McAlpine,

Robin McAlpine has worked for 25 years in journalism, public affairs, political strategy and policy. He writes for a wide range of sources on Scottish politics and is the author of a number of books.

Who Are We? —

Tiffany Kane,
Operations Manager

Tiffany Kane worked for big corporations for years before returning to University to study sociology and social anthropology. Since April 2016 she has organised and campaigned for Common Weal ideas to transform Scotland for the better. She is passionate about grassroots activism to bring about social change.

Who Are We? —

Dr Craig Dalzell,
Head of Policy & Research @thecommongreen

Craig Dalzell is Common Weal's Head of Policy & Research and has been part of the team since 2016. His background is in laser physics but through a strange series of events after the 2014 independence referendum he found himself in the world of politics, economics and statistics. His hobbies include playing the tuba and practicing archery but you'd never believe him if he listed all of them.

Who Are We? —

Jonathon Shafi,
Campaigns Officer

Jonathon Shafi has been Campaigns Officer since June 2018. He has been involved in campaigns against war, austerity and for independence. He is co-founder of the Radical Independence Campaign and writes on Scottish and international politics for a range of outlets.

Who Are We? —

Cristina Ertze,
Film Maker

Cristina Ertze is Common Weal’s filmmaker. Originally from Mexico she graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design and worked in filmmaking in Hollywood and Mexico. She later studied a postgraduate degree at Edinburgh College of Art and has since made Scotland her home.

Who Are We? —

Ben Wray is the editor of CommonSpace, the digital media site funded by Common Weal. He was a journalist at CommonSpace from January-July 2015, then co-ordinated policy work at Common Weal until April 2018, before becoming editor of the site. He is always interested in feedback and ideas about CommonSpace, so get in touch.

Who Are We? —

David Jamieson,

David Jamieson is a journalist based in Glasgow. He writes news reports, feature articles, investigations and analysis on a range of Scottish and UK matters. His writing focuses on politics, social movements, history, economics and geopolitics. He also hosts a weekly CommonSpace 'Beyond the Noise podcast' which explores issues in the media spotlight in more depth.

Who Are We? —

Rhiannon Davies,
Multimedia Journalist

Rhiannon Davies joined CommonSpace in 2018 as a multimedia journalist. With an interest in new models of journalism, she predominantly produces online videos and works on building the CommonSpace community. She gets fired up about the impact of quality community journalism on local democracy and the role that constructive journalism can have in evoking social change.

Sean Bell
Who Are We? —

Sean Bell is the CommonSpace parliamentary reporter. He has been a professional writer and journalist for over 10 years; he is otherwise completely unemployable. His work has appeared in the Herald, the Sunday Herald, the National, the Sunday National, the Scottish Review of Books, Conter, Jacobin and Telesur. He is based in Edinburgh.

Who Are We? —

Becca Toop joined CommonSpace as a video journalist, with an interest in diversifying the way news is presented. Her practice is rooted in Anthropology, with a degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Kent and a Masters in Visual Anthropology from the University of Manchester (the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology).

Who Are We? —

Lorna Miller

Lorna Miller is a political cartoonist for CommonSpace. She has cartooned for a number of online and print publications such as Private Eye and The Guardian. Lorna has been an activist since 2012, producing artwork and supporting environmental and local campaigns in England and Scotland. On Saturday nights she loves to dance to Northern Soul music at various clubs in Glasgow.