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A Green New Deal For Scotland

Escape and repair
Overview —

The world is miserable.

We’re not. We’ve got a plan.

Common Weal is in the final stages of completing a large scale, fully costed plan to radically transform our economy and tackle the multiple crises we are facing. Our plan will reduce Scotland’s negative impact on the climate crisis and carbon emissions, minimise species extinction and biodiversity loss, tackle economic inequality and poverty, stop pollution and water shortage, avoid overconsumption, and resource drain, prevent deforestation and soil degradation, and rapidly reduce waste.

We will tell you exactly what needs to radically change, how long it will take, how much it will cost, and how many jobs it will create.

Through investment, development, and endless opportunities - this plan will make Scotland prosperous. This is a vision of what an alternative future looks like. A vision to unite us. A vision worth fighting for.

But we need your help to turn this plan into Scotland’s greatest ever opportunity.

Please take action by becoming a sustaining supporter of this campaign today. Here's what you can help achieve:

  • Get a campaigning toolkit into the hands of local activists, and keep them informed; £5 a month
  • Lobby an MSP to persuade them to include our plan in party policy, and support her with briefings, questions and information; £10.00 a month
  • Support the research on our website on a key policy topic; £15.00 a month
  • Plan, organise and deliver an event for our 2020 tour to reach 100 more supporters; £25.00 a month

Direct debit

Standing order

  1. Log-in to your personal internet banking portal.
  2. Copy our details listed below into the required form fields.
  3. Select donation amount and set frequency to 'monthly.'
  4. Review and complete set-up.
    Common Weal Ltd BANK DETAILS
    Royal Bank of Scotland
    Glasgow City
    10 Gordon Street
    G1 3PL
    ACCOUNT DETAILS Sort code: 83-07-06
    Account No: 15674957


One-off donation

You can help us to build a movement.

With you, we can turn ideas into action.

Our commitment to you is to work harder than ever to fix the enviromental threats we are facing and create a future worth living in. For us now, and the generations to come. We can transform Scotland and inspire the world if we work together to make it happen. 

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