Campaign For A Scottish Currency

Common Weal has been running a campaign to persuade people that if Scotland is to be an independent country it must set up its own currency from day one.  

We’ve published five reports (including the main proposal) and published a book on how to do it. We’re produced a series of films to explain the policy. And we’ve campaigned hard with members of the SNP to support this policy.

These have been supported with a load of short explainer films, briefing notes for activists, leaflets and flyers and a host of articles and essays. We have handed out fliers at all the SNP’s National Assemblies and have been pushing the case in the media and social media all summer. The response we have had is fantastic and we believe we’re persuading people.

While there has been a shift in some of the rhetoric from the SNP on the question of currency, the detail of the conference motion being presented does not match a change in policy terms. Indeed, the Growth Commission’s 6 tests would remain.

As Robin McAlpine points out in this article the SNP membership is being sold something very, very different from what they are being told they are being sold.

We will be making sure that everyone is aware of the problems inherent in the motion and the Growth Commission approach. We have plans to release even more materials and will campaign to – at the very least – get the 6 tests removed. 

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