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The Common Weal Policy Podcast - Episode #84

Episode 84 of the Common Weal Policy Podcast



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Update - 21/05/21 - Since publishing this podcast, Angus Robertson has had Migration and related topics added to his brief as Cabinet Secretary for External Affairs along with responsibilities to do with "New Scot" strategy..


This week, Craig Dalzell is joined by Campaigner, Activist and Creative Director for EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland, Ellen Dalzell. Ellen and Craig talk about their experiences of the Kenmure Street protest against Home Office evictions and then discuss the apparent weakening focus of the Scottish Government on migration matters culminating in their dropping of Migration from the titles of the new Cabinet Secretaries or any of their Junior Ministers. Ellen also talks about her campaign for policies to help safeguard and secure migrants in Scotland and the progress of that campaign since she last discussed it on Episode #27 of the Policy Podcast.

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