The future can be ours - but only if we work together to make it happen

We've been fighting to make Scotland a better, more fairer and equal place for over four years now. With a dedicated team and the commitment from our generous supporters giving small regular donations each month, more if they can afford it, we're winning. With ideas like the Scottish National Investment Bank, a Scottish National Infrastructure Company, a Scottish currency and many more, we're making things happen and we're changing the national story. But there is still so much to do. We're ambitious, but we can only continue to make positive change and shape an alternative Common Weal future if more of our supporters join us on this journey. If you believe in the issues we fight for please take action and join Scotland's foremost grassroots think-and-do-tank today. It will make all the difference. And then we can make all the difference to Scotland.

Not funded by millionaires or advertisers. Funded by the people of Scotland.