Enough is Enough!

Statement from Common Weal about the launch of the Enough is Enough! campaign that has gathered more than 100,000 signatures in less than 24 hours.

Since we began, Common Weal has been producing policies to tackle all of the crises that the Enough is Enough campaign is highlighting. Since we began, Common Weal has been campaigning to reduce the gross inequalities in our society that have caused these crises. For eight years we’ve been setting out an agenda the Scottish Government could have pursued so that the next crisis wouldn’t thump working people like the last one did.

Sadly the Scottish Government has shied away from all radical action and instead has instead privatised Scotland’s energy resource, deliberately inflating the cost of housing, backed foreign corporations rather than our own domestic businesses, refused to take radical action on food, tax or poverty and has been uncomfortably close to corporations, bankers and lobbyists. Writing ‘ease the squeeze’ on the side of a bus is no substitute for actually doing something.

This cost of living crisis may turn out to be the biggest of our lifetimes so far and it has never been so important for the independence movement to be on the right side of an issue. We can back workers, families and communities or corporate lobbyists, big finance and energy suppliers, not both.

Amanda Burgauer, Common Weal

Partly quoted in the National https://www.thenational.scot/news/20610499.enough-enough-pledge-rallies-cost-of-living-passes-150-000-members/

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