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Let's Talk Housing: Airbnb & Rent Control Date — Location —

St Martin's (SMCRC), 232 Dalry Rd, EH11 2JG

Hosted by — Common Weal Edinburgh South West
Synopsis —

Common Weal Edinburgh South West explore solutions for safe, decent and affordable housing that meets the needs of communities and a fairer society. 

Tickets free but must book HERE.


Our guest speaker, MSP Andy Wightman, wants local councils to have powers to protect the availability of residential accommodation for local citizens.

MSP Andy Wightman said, "The uncontrolled and rapid rise in short-term lets in our cities and the long-standing problem of second homes in our rural communities is depriving families and individuals of badly-needed long-term homes, worsening Scotland's housing crisis."

Living Rent, a tenants’ union run by and for tenants, will also be sharing about how all housing in Scotland should be well regulated, to make sure it is safe, affordable, and that it's meeting the needs of communities across the country.