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This Is How We Save The World: Common Weal Green New Deal Launch Date — Location —

The Arches     

 253 Argyle Street, G2 8DL Glasgow, United Kingdom                                                                                                                                                                        



Synopsis —

Join us as we launch the most ambitious project Common Weal have organised, our Green New Deal campaign at the Arches in Glasgow this Saturday. 

The tickets are selling fast, buy one here while they are still available.

Join us as we launch our most ambitious project Common Weal yet, our Green New Deal campaign at the Arches this Saturday. 

You are not powerless. We have a plan.

We have completed a large scale, fully costed plan to radically transform our economy and tackle the multiple crises we are facing. 

A plan for Scotland that will meet the challenges of environmental breakdown, at the same time as delivering economic justice for all of our citizens.

A plan that will end the choice between heating and eating that so many face. That will provide a generation of long-term, highly skilled and highly paid socially useful jobs. A fully costed blueprint for how we will bring about a net zero Scotland - the first in the world.

It’s about how to fix our buildings and heat them. About how we can use clean electricity and build a new transport system. Showing how we can regenerate our land and make it productive when we grow food and other crops. And about how we can consume responsibly and learn to work and live differently.

In the process we will end poverty, improve health, be more truly prosperous and have a much better relationship to our world.

It's a plan that will ensure everyone has a home, as part of a society that works together for the common good.

A campaign for the people of Scotland, and for the future of our planet. 

You will be able to get copies of a beautiful visual book, as well as a more technical book going into detail about the plan.

The tickets are selling fast, you can purchase them here.

Green New Deal Launch