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Modern Monetary Theory and Universal Basic Income: Potential and Risks from a Scottish Perspective Date — Location —

Augustine United Church

41 George IV Bridge



Synopsis —

Edinburgh Green Branch Meeting

Modern Monetary Theory and Universal Basic Income: 
Potential and Risks from a Scottish Perspective

An introduction for a general audience to two of the hottest economic topics today: the potential of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) to challenge austerity, and the case for providing social security for all with a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

With both Brexit and a second referendum on Scottish independence increasingly likely, we will not only cover the basics of MMT and UBI, but engage with questions such as the relevance of MMT to the Growth Commissions’s proposals for independence and a Green New Deal, the compatibility of MMT-based fiscal policies with EU membership, conclusions from UBI trials around the world (Canada, Finland etc.), and pros and cons of introducing a UBI to the whole of Scotland.

We are fortunate to be joined by two well known experts in these areas: Dr Craig Dalzell, Head of Policy & Research at Common Weal, and Cleo Goodman, a Trustee of Basic Income Scotland. In addition, we look forward to a briefing from Cllr Gavin Corbett about a UBI trial in Edinburgh.

This is a public meeting, open to members and non-members.