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Common Weal's Dr Craig Dalzell, Common Weal Head of Policy & Research will be joining Edinburgh Political Union for the first of their new seminar series Our Common Home plan: the first fully-costed Green New Deal in the world.

Craig will be joined by Plastics and Circular Economy Campaigner, Sarah Foyes, where they will both be describing what they believe needs to change in the way we use our Resources and Trade, followed by an informal blether and an open session where we encourage you to critique, add to, and generally discuss the policy platforms presented by Common Weal.

This seminar series has been organised above all to be an educational experience for everyone attending, but also to act as an example of policy in dialogue; an opportunity to discuss what needs to happen to transform our economy, our society, and our relationship with Our Common Home.

Every three weeks will host an informal seminar on a few sections of the plan, from energy and infrastructure policy, to agriculture and land management, to resources and trade. 

The seminar series free and open to everyone is welcome just make sure you register as there are limited spaces. 


Make sure to put the next seminar series in your diary - we will be sharing more information on these closer to the time. 

Food and Land - Tues 10 March 

Speakers: Samuel Hill, Postgraduate Student in Public Policy and Common Weal Campaigner.

Building and Heating - 31 March 

Electricity and Transport - Wed 22 April

Learning and Us - Tues 12 May

Electricity and Transport -  Wed 22 April     

Speakers: Dr. Craig Dalzell, Head of Policy and Research, Common Weal.

Learning and Us - Tues 12 May  

Speaker: Professor Iain Black, University of Stirling Management School and Board Member at Common Weal.