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Common Weal is a grassroots think and do tank. We only exist, and we only achieve so much, because of the incredible support across Scotland and beyond. The most important and impactful thing you can do today is to become a sustaining supporter of Common Weal with a regular donation but you can also make a massive difference by subscribing for updates and responding to future call outs for support.

Policy Working Groups

Common Weal supports Policy Working Groups comprised of experienced professionals and those with lived experience. The Working Groups are supported to create policy papers and other documents that can be delivered to government and the wider public. Current working groups include:

  • Social Care
  • Energy
  • Schools
  • NHS

You can search the Policy Library to read their work, much of which has been widely promoted in the press and elsewhere.

If you’re interested in being part of a policy working group, please get in touch with our Policy Coordinator, Nicola.

Local Groups

Common Weal Local Groups are about making decisions alongside other supporters in your area. Starting small, sharing ideas and building relationships is exactly the direction we need. 

True change to peoples lives starts with showing what is possible locally. When we see Common Weal ideas demonstrated in communities, we know we are on the right track.

Thousands of people in our networks are already championing local initiatives and these can take many different forms. Organising in a local group is one way to bring skills together and get more involved with Common Weal in a practical way.

Click here for more information about Local Groups.


We have some dedicated volunteers in our working groups and some who join us for live events. Volunteer roles vary with every project we run. No mater what your availability or where you stay- get in touch.

Sign up to receive updates and we will schedule a time to discuss your interests and skills.

Ideas are important

It is often our supporters who shape the direction which Common Weal takes. So if you have an idea of how we can build a better Scotland collectively, visit our Connect With Us page and drop us a line.

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