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Common Weal is made up of a network of supporters across Scotland. Many people are inspired by our vision for social and economic equality, the environment and wellbeing. They want to do something to demonstrate what is possible where they live.  

These supporters are just like you- often they are tired of being told that the power for change lies only with decision makers in Scotland. 

Common Weal has always encouraged its supporters to take action locally. When people get together for this purpose we call these: Local groups 

Having a local group provides a platform to share ideas and meet up. Each initiative is entirely autonomous, no group is affiliated to any political party. Common Weal can provide training, public speakers, help you identify volunteers or organise live events.

Common Weal is an idea that belongs to us all. As such, every Local Group is different and open to join. Each chooses its own priorities; whether that be a local reading group, setting up a charity to develop a nature reserve, campaigning on basic housing issues or to tackle the cost of living crisis. Making decisions together is always the first step to making a difference in people’s lives.

At Common Weal we enjoy seeing our ideas shared in a communities. It is often community members who go on to shape our policy direction and get more involved in our programme.  

Set Up a Group

Are you interested in establishing a new group or organising a meet-up?

Check out this short guide to getting off the ground.

In every case we try to prioritise having a short chat with you over the phone, it helps to speak about your your skills and what you hope to build. 

Join our Campaign Centre where we promote monthly meetings, and training sessions ideal for local group participants click here to sign up

Want to know more about finding a local group or other supporters in your area? 

Email our Networks Coordinator: Hello@common.scot for more details

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