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Getting Social Care Right

Scottish Government currently is asking for responses to their consultation on Social Care. This consultation is focused on exploring the suggestions for significant cultural and system change that will need to be supported by primary legislation, new laws, to ensure the governance and accountability across the system to deliver successfully for people. The consultation has been the focus for much of the work carried out by the Common Weal Social Care Working Group, who will be responding to the consultation in detail and sharing their response with you to help you respond should you wish to do so.

the starting point

The Social Care Working Group has prepared the following briefing papers as the start of their work:

Briefing Paper 1: Social Work Issues

Briefing Paper 2 : Drugs & Alcohol Issues

Briefing Paper 3: Valuing the workforce

3 thoughts on “Getting Social Care Right”

  1. Ian Davidson

    Three docs are helpful, concise guides to what is a potentially confusing and overwhelming consultation exercise. My most immediate concern is that the social care sector is going to implode due to lack of cash and staff. We can’t wait until 2026 for staff to get a decent wage structure and conditions? When you compare with how SG has increased teachers pay (23% over 3 years) from a much higher base, it shows what can be done when the political will is present.

  2. Catherine Maltby

    All these ideas and suggestions can be implemented, but of course the lack of funding is the big big problem. If we want these services to happen then we have got to dig deeper into our pockets. Nobody wants to pay more, but to get a better service for those who so desperately need it, the only answer is for people who can afford, to pay more. None of us know when we may need to call upon one or more of these services in the future and would feel confident knowing that help was available. Like all these wonderful plans it needs money spending in the right places, not on lots of highly paid “Bosses” but more on under valued under paid who do the grass roots jobs.

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