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Energy - Make Scotland a Renewable Powerhouse

Energy Transmission Lines
Overview —

Scotland should harness its renewable energy potential for the public good by setting up a National Energy Company to co-ordinate the developments needed to make Scotland a renewable powerhouse.

Common Weal calls for the Scottish Government to launch a National Energy Company (NEC), to couple it with a Scottish Energy Development Agency and to Power Scotland’s Ambitions to become a zero-carbon nation which can tackle the problems of fuel poverty.

We have also made the case for a Scottish Energy Development Agency (SEDA) which would allow Scotland to mirror the successful approach of the Danish Energy Agency. This will allow Scotland to more rapidly decarbonise its energy network which is essential if Scotland is to meet its ambitions to become a zero carbon nation.

The NEC and SEDA should not be seen as competitors to existing and future local energy schemes or community owned energy schemes but should instead enable and assist them using whatever means they are able to deploy. Where community schemes connect to the grid – allowing communities to earn an income through the export of their excess power – the NEC would coordinate with the appropriate Distribution System Operators to ensure compliance and successful integration.

We are conscious of the fact that many of these goals will be limited by the restrictions of the current devolution framework but as some of the broader goals will take years or possibly a decade to come to fruition and with the horizon by which Scotland must have begun making substantial progress towards decarbonisation a similar time period away, the Scottish Government should begin building the foundations this new future for energy delivery now so that either a base is built from which to call for further powers to be devolved or a foundation is laid from which an independent Scotland can realise its full energy potential.