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Make the case for an independent Scotland

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Overview —

Common Weal proudly supports Scottish independence and making the case for independence is one of our core missions. We have published and continue to publish policy papers on every aspect of the independence campaign from currency and finances to activism and campaign strategy.

From public finances to the economy, Scotland has faced many claims that we don't have what it takes to be independent. But it is easy to show that in fact Scotland really does have what it takes and is more than capable of being an independent nation state.

Our book 'How to Start a New Country' is a collection of two years worth of hard work and rigorous research mapping out the steps it would take to create a proper, self-sustaining modern nation state; the systems and infrastructure we'd need to have in place; how we build relationships with the rest of the world and how much it would all cost. It is an optimistic yet realistic approach to creating a new nation. It will be hard work. But success is never guaranteed and must be fought for at all times. 

The point is to start thinking, preparing and planning for this now.

We've also published a number of policy papers making the case for independence and making it clear how independence gives us the power and control to do things differently and better.