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Shop less and live better

Deconsumerise Thumb
Overview —

Our quality of life is important; we must recognise what really makes our lives better. Excessive shopping makes us poor, creates large wealth inequality, harms our health, reduces our sociability and does great damage to the economy. We can shop less and be happier – if we deconsumerise.

Materialism has become synonymous with debt fuelled, wasteful, unsatisfying consumerism used to build and sustain our identities via what we buy.

This materialism and consumerism has been interwoven with the rise of the narrative of ‘I’, where individual freedom takes precedence over and above collective experience and responsibility.

Instead of measuring our economies by how large they are - often expressed in abstract terms like 'GDP' - and how fast they are growing, we should measure our economies by how successfully they are meeting their purpose of providing decent, worthwhile lives for all, of sharing scare resources equitably and how sustainably they are being run.