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This is a Technical Annex to the Common Home Plan which can be purchased here

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Common Weal

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This Techical Report is an annex to The Common Home Plan, a part of Our Common Home - A Green New Deal for Scotland.

This Technical Report has been written to support the work published in Common Weal’s book “The Common Home Plan”. The fact that this book represents the broadest and most detailed Green New Deal blueprint yet published for any country means that it covers a great many of topics in detail and thus draws upon a vast body of literature and other previously published work.

This Technical Report has been published as a separate document with the aim of providing references, comments, footnotes and asides to the main book for an audience minded to investigate our work in more detail without impeding the reading of those who may not.

The Common Home Plan draws not just on new work from Common Weal but also from our extensive library of previous policy papers and other work in this area. These papers too include extensive references to further work in their respective fields. At the end of this report there will be a Further Reading section which directs to our relevant papers.

Many of the notes in this report provide direct HTTP links to the references in question. It is the nature of the Internet that over time websites will depreciate, archives will be moved and data is lost. So called “link rot” will inevitable cause some of these links to break over time. In the event that this plan is adopted, launched and followed to its 25 year conclusion, it would be remarkable if all of these links were still intact by then. Nevertheless, every effort was made to link to relatively stable and reliable sources and every link was verified as working as of November 2019.

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