Policy Papers

Renewables Scotland 2030: A discussion paper on how to transform Scotland’s energy sector by 2030

This report takes a look at the condition of the Scottish energy industry in comparison…

Public Land Value Capture: A new model for housing development in Scotland

This report outlines the case for public land value capture – the process by which councils, not those selling land, can benefit from the increase in land value due to changing use (such as planning permission for housing) or can reduce house prices by not passing that uplifted cost on to renters and buyers of […]

Towards a Defence & Security strategy for an independent Scotland

This paper is intended to provide an overview of the following aspects of a Scottish Defence & Security Strategy:• What is meant by ‘Scottish national security’• What threats it would be required to address• What framework it would operate under• How Scottish foreign policy would impact it• What institutions would implement itThe intent of this […]

A Public Future for Scotland’s Railways

This joint report from Common Weal and TSSA looks at how public ownership could be the start of a transformation in Scotland’s transport system.The report makes the case for the full nationalisation of Scotland’s railways with the responsibilities for the line, the service provision and provision of the rolling stock brought under one organisation.

A Scottish Approach to immigration post-Brexit

Devolving immigration and employment law together can give Scotland the opportunity to create a workers rights-based approach to immigration post-Brexit that benefits all workers.This paper proposes a devolved immigration policy for Scotland that would be designed to meet the country’s specific demographic challenges while strengthening universal rights for all workers.

Scottish National Investment Bank: Submission to Consultation

Common Weal’s submission to the public consultation of the implementation plan for the Scottish National Investment Bank.

Preparing Scotland digitally for independence

Gordon Morgan examines the IT Systems requirements for an independent Scotland in this White Paper Project report.

Scotland’s National Bank – Central Banking in an independent Scotland

Previous reports determined that an independent Scotland should maintain its own currency. This report outlines how and why Scotland should form a central bank to manage that currency. The philosophy behind why a central bank is important is outlined with extensive reference to modern and historical precedents. Scotland’s central bank would be self-funded and self-sustaining once […]

Open Government Note: Transparency in Public Finance – the role of good data

This Common Weal note examines how an Open Government approach to Public Finance data can improve its usability and transparency for citizens.

Energy Strategy Consultation: Common Weal submission

This consultation response from the Common Weal Energy Working Group strongly supports the idea of a national energy company which can support local energy co-operatives and small energy suppliers.

Alienating, insecure and unaffordable: Living in Scotland’s private rented sector

Ben Wray analyses new data on the experience of living in Scotland’s private rented sector, and argues for reversing the trend under devolution of increasing privatisation of the rental market.

A Scottish Tax System: Imagining the Future

Richard Murphy argues that an independent Scotland could fix the inefficiencies and large scale abuses of the UK tax system if it took an entirely different approach, creating a system that works better for Scotland’s economy and society.
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