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Scotland’s National Bank – Central Banking in an independent Scotland

Previous reports determined that an independent Scotland should maintain its own currency. This report outlines how and why Scotland should form a central bank to manage that currency. The philosophy behind why a central bank is important is outlined with extensive reference to modern and historical precedents. Scotland’s central bank would be self-funded and self-sustaining once […]

Open Government Note: Transparency in Public Finance – the role of good data

This Common Weal note examines how an Open Government approach to Public Finance data can improve its usability and transparency for citizens.

Energy Strategy Consultation: Common Weal submission

This consultation response from the Common Weal Energy Working Group strongly supports the idea of a national energy company which can support local energy co-operatives and small energy suppliers.

Alienating, insecure and unaffordable: Living in Scotland’s private rented sector

Ben Wray analyses new data on the experience of living in Scotland’s private rented sector, and argues for reversing the trend under devolution of increasing privatisation of the rental market.

A Scottish Tax System: Imagining the Future

Richard Murphy argues that an independent Scotland could fix the inefficiencies and large scale abuses of the UK tax system if it took an entirely different approach, creating a system that works better for Scotland’s economy and society.

Common Weal analysis of GERS 2016-2017 reveals economic opportunities of independence

The Common Weal Think-tank analysis of GERS 2017 reveals the economic opportunities of Scottish independenceModest estimates by Common Weal show that an independent Scotland could be better off to the tune of at least £7.5 billion in comparison to the figures in the GERS paper published today effectively cutting the deficit by over half. As the […]

Social Security for All of Us: An independent Scotland as a modern welfare state

This paper examines several possible policy ideas for social security in an independent Scotland.These ideas include increasing social security provision to match typical Nordic countries, introducing a negative income tax, implementing a job guarantee scheme and introducing a full Universal Basic Income.

Scottish Space Agency – A discussion on Scotland’s place in the space industry

This paper proposes a Scottish Space Agency and Spaceport to make Scotland a world leader in industry sector of the future.

Fighting for Tax Jobs, Fighting For Justice: A Workers’ Alternative

Commissioned by PCS, this joint work examines the economic impact of HMRC’s plans to close departments around Scotland and establish two regional offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh.It is found that over 2,300 jobs could be lost due to these changes with an overall negative impact on GDP of £89 million.The economic impact will be particularly […]

Backing Scotland’s Currency – Foreign Exchange Reserves for an Independent Scotland

The successful management of an independent country’s currency is often tied to its ability to raise and maintain an adequate level of foreign currency reserves. These reserves would be used to stabilise the currency’s exchange rate, protect against speculative attacks on the currency and service debt obligations, amongst other uses. In the case of Scottish […]

Renew: Six policies that can refresh the Scottish Government’s domestic agenda

This paper proposes six policy ways to renew the Scottish Government’s domestic agenda through fresh and eye-catching policy transformation after 10 years in power at Holyrood.1: Create a Scottish National Investment Bank and use it to finance an era of green reindustrialisation.2: Build the homes and infrastructure that people need and rebuild the town centres they […]

Public Procurement in Scotland: The case for scrutiny, accountability and transparency

Leading economist Margaret Cuthbert draws on 15 years of research on Scottish public procurement in making the case that procurement in Scotland is shrouded in secrecy and wide-ranging reforms are needed to ensure transparency and accountability.
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