Policy Papers

Struggling To Care

Everyone has inherent potential. Everyone is valuable and resourceful and can make a meaningful contribution…

Our Land

Land is not a possession like other possessions and nor is it an asset like…

A Mosaic of Life

It is widely believed that the barren hillsides that make up so much of Scotland’s…

Work The Land

Rural depopulation is not a problem faced only by Scotland but is a worldwide trend…

A Property Tax For Scotland

Council Tax was introduced in 1993 following the Local Government finance act 1992 as a…

Common Weal’s Manifesto for a National Care Service

This paper is the first in a series of papers being developed by the Common…

Submission to the Review of Adult Social Care

The Common Weal welcomes the Adult Care Review and its wide-ranging remit. We particularly welcome…

Warning Lights: Ten Actions For Covid Elimination

The Common Weal think tank has produced a new report proposing that Scotland moves to a decentralised ‘traffic light’ system for Covid management like many other  countries have. This creates a consistent means of measuring and responding to the risk of Covid outbreaks and enables it to be applied at the most local possible level. […]

Town Centre Action Plan Review – Common Weal Response

Town centre regeneration has been a topic subject to dichotomies in Scottish political thinking. For every person who believes that “something should be done” to reverse the long term decay of our towns, there are others who simply accept that the decline is either inevitable or even hold it to be a positive thing. Common […]

Lessons Learned?

Nick Kempe investigates the Care Inspectorate’s attempts to assess the ongoing response in Scottish care homes to the Covid-19 pandemic.After the previous foreseeable disaster laid out in Kempe’s earlier paper for Common Weal, The Predictable Crisis, the Care Inspectorate has been attempting to assess Scottish care homes in light of the pandemic.Whilst some care homes […]

Resilient Scotland Part Three

Part One of the Resilient Scotland plan covered the immediate recovery from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic up until the 2021 Scottish elections. Part Two covered the four years of the next Parliamentary term and laid the foundations of the plan to come. It worked within the constraints of devolution but will bring Scotland to the […]

Economic Recovery Final Report – Common Weal Response

There is a very big gap between the aspiration and the information contained on how to achieve it; the level of detail contained in the recommendations means it is generally impossible to envisage what is actually proposed. The vast majority of it seems to be to propose to do the same thing we were doing before – but […]
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