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Energy Efficient Scotland Consultation

A follow-up of Common Weal’s policy paper, Carbon-Free, Poverty-Free, this consultation response distils the conclusions…

Carbon-free, Poverty-free

Common Weal’s Energy Working Group has published their latest paper on improving Scotland’s energy strategy. Carbon-Free, Poverty-Free looks at the challenge of reducing carbon emissions in Scotland’s rural areas.The paper can be downloaded here.The need for Scotland to decarbonise its energy network – across electricity, heat and transport – is becoming increasingly urgent in the […]

The Future of Low Carbon Heat For Off-Gas Buildings

A follow-up of Common Weal’s policy paper, Carbon-Free, Poverty-Free, this consultation response distills the conclusions of that report and has submitted them to the Scottish Government as part of their Call for Evidence into methods of decarbonising Scotland’s heating networks and services with particular focus on housing which is not connected to the mains gas […]

Post Legislative Scrutiny – Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 – Submission from Common Weal

Common Weal has responded to the Public Audit and Post-Legislative Scrutiny Committee’s call for views on the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.You can read the full response to the call for views here.Common Weal has been a consistent force arguing for greater transparency in government such as with our work which led to the […]

Just Warmth

Common Weal’s Energy Policy Working Group releases its latest policy paper today. Authors Dr Keith Baker and Dr Ron Mould have made the case for Scotland to reform the way that heat is produced and delivered in Scotland through a network of District Heating Systems (DHS).The paper can be downloaded here.These networks essentially view the […]

Submission on the Scottish National Investment Bank

In May 2019, the Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee asked for expert submissions on the ongoing work to establish a Scottish National Investment Bank.Common Weal, as initiators of the policy, were invited to present our views on the progress being made by the various stakeholders towards the launch of the bank and […]

An Investment-Led Economic Development Framework For An Independent Scotland

The economy should serve society, not the other way around and the success of an economy should not be measured merely in terms of its size or its rate of growth.Instead, the report lays down a series of eleven social impacts which, report argues, make for better indicators of the health of a nation’s economy […]

Paying Our Way: The Case For A Scottish Payment System

Imagine you and I are an economy of two people. I pay you £100 in cash for goods. You, in turn, pay me £100 for services. Our economy ticks along just nicely exchanging goods and services with the cash transferring between us.But now imagine that every time we pay each other, we have to do […]

The Rent Controls Scotland Needs

This paper makes the case for national rent controls and outlines the problems with the current system of rent pressure zones which have so far been inadequate at preventing the problems high rents and rent insecurity in Scotland.Instead, rent controls could be designed around a points-based system links to the quality and amenities of a […]

Powering Our Ambitions

Common Weal calls for the Scottish Government to launch a National Energy Company and a Scottish Energy Development Agency.These bodies would work together to rapidly and strategically decarbonise Scotland’s energy network whilst also supporting community energy projects and developing the new skills and technologies Scotland – and the world – will need to face the […]

Disruptive Technologies

Automation and other disruptive technologies are being rapidly deployed into economies and planning is required to adapt economic policies so as to avoid job losses.This paper by engineer and independent Common Weal researcher Craig Berry examines the impact of these disruptive technologies and offers solutions that will protect workers and allow Scotland to capture the […]

Energy Performance Certificates: An Alternative Approach

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are deeply flawed and do not present and accurate or useful picture of building energy efficiency to buyers and tenants.This paper by Dr Keith Baker and Dr Ron Mould of the Common Weal Energy Working Group proposes an alternative framework based not on statistically modelling energy efficiency but by directly measuring […]
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