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Woman at Common Weal event

Common Locals are one of the best things to come out of Common Weal. Passionate activists and campaigners from across Scotland decided that they wanted to change Scotland for the better, so they organised and educated to bring local activism alive and make change possible. We are immensely proud of everything they have achieved thus far. We encourage all Common Weal supporters to support their local group, or start their own. 

  1. Check out our ‘Find your nearest group’ page: It’s worth checking this out first to see if there is a group close to you. If it’s too far for you to join in the long term, try attend at least one of their meetings to meet the organisers and discuss some ideas about how their group works. Most groups have been going since 2014. They’ll have loads of advice and information to share which may save you some time, and you’ll find that a close by group will prove to be a future ally. If you can’t attend a meeting send them an email or give them a call.
  2. Give us a call: If you decide setting up a new group is more viable than joining an existing one, give our Operations Manager Tiffany a call on 0141 427 7395, or email She can help with advice in getting set up, get you up to speed with Common Weal policies and campaigns, and suggest some ideas for launching a new group with maximum impact.
  3. Establishing your group – organise a meet up: We encourage new groups to arrange an initial meet-up as soon as possible with those interested in getting involved from your area. Running a successful group needs a solid team to share the range of responsibilities (if you decide you want responsibilities). Each group creates its own identity with its unique purpose and goals. This will be determined by those who create the group who will decide what the groups aims should be that are relevant to their local area. For example, some groups focus on running local campaigns, others put energy into educating the local community, others enjoy philosophising over Common Weal ideas and the future of Scotland, and some do all of the above. All are important.
  4. Set up your very own Locals page on Common Weal site & Facebook page: Once you have decided what your groups main purpose, goals, objectives are, we’ll get you set up with your own locals page on the Common Weal site. Here you can post a biog, keep everyone updated on your activities with a blog reel, and notify everyone of up and coming events. This will be a very useful tool to attract new members to your group. There’s no way to avoid it, setting up a Facebook page will also increase your chances of attracting new members to your group. Set one up and start utilising it as much as you can.
  5. Officially launch the group with a public event: A public event focusing on specific issues is probably the best way to officially launch your group, attract new members, and to start building your mailing list. Whether you want to focus on Scottish independence, housing, education, economy, or any number of our other policy and campaign areas, we can help provide speakers, and help to promote. Get in touch with Tiffany at to discuss further.
  6. What does a Common Weal local group do? Once you've launched, what is the function of a Common Weal local group? First off, the Common Weal local group is YOUR group. All groups should stay within the principles, values and philosophy of Common Weal, but it is run by you, organised by you, plans are concocted by you, decisions are made by you. We have the confidence that you will know best how to apply the ideas of Common Weal to your political, social and economic context. With the launch of our new website, we will be providing materials and toolkits for how to ‘do’ Common Weal, which means if you are interested and passionate on issues we are working on you can campaign for them in your local area. Keep up to date by ensuring you have joined our mailing list and make sure Tiffany adds you to our locals specific mailing list.

Common Weal is an idea that belongs to everyone, and not all local groups will have the same goals or activities. It is for your local community to decide on how Common Weal works for you, and for the team at Common Weal to help and support you in your work.