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Carbon-Free, Poverty-Free
Policy — 02.07.19
Blueprint for SNIB
Policy — 21.05.19

Common Weal gives evidence on the Scottish National Investment Bank

Common Weal submits oral and written evidence to the Scottish Parliament
A contrail saltire against a blue sky.
Policy — 07.05.19

The Bumpy Landing of a Flighty Case

Dr Craig Dalzell welcomes the scrapping of air duty cuts.
An Investment-Led Economy
Policy — 21.04.19

An Investment-Led Economy

The Common Weal Economic Vision for Independence

We are extremely excited to introduce the brand new Common Weal website! Find out how it works and what's on offer... 
Paying Our Way
Policy — 12.04.19

Paying Our Way

The Case For A Scottish Payments System
Common Weal's concept of a scottish currency
Policy — 09.04.19

An Open Letter To Derek Mackay

An Independent Scotland Needs Its Own Currency
Railway Thumbnail
Campaigns — 25.03.19

Bring Scotland's Trains Back In To Public Ownership

We believe that Scotland's trains should be put into public hands.
Living Rent Thumbnail
Campaigns — 25.03.19

Transform Scotland's Housing

Common Weal believes that Scotland can do much to improve all sectors of housing in Scotland whether in public rental, private rental or owned housing.
Back to Life
Campaigns — 25.03.19

Back To Life: Visions For Alternative Futures For Scotland's Grouse Moors

Common Weal supports significant reform of Scotland's grouse moors
SNIB Blueprint
Campaigns — 25.03.19

End PFI - Start a Scottish National Investment Bank and Scottish National Infrastructure Company

Scotland needs a National Investment Bank and National Infrastructure Company
A Scottish Currency
Campaigns — 21.03.19

Campaign For A Scottish Currency

An Independent Scotland needs its own currency
Common Weal Fife
Locals — 18.03.19

Opposition to the Opening of a Strip Club in Kirkcaldy

The latest campaign from Common Weal Fife
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