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Our Common Home

Find out how below.

Is the vision of the Common Home Plan something you support? Does it describe a hope for the future you want to believe in? Then help to make it happen. There are lots of things you can do:


Get to know the Plan

You're not the only person who wants to believe in hope - so persuade your friends and colleagues there is hope. Get to know the Common Home Plan and tell them about it. There are two books - a longer one that explains everything and a shorter one that tells you the basics. You can get them from


Send copies to sympathetic friends

The short book has been written to be easy to read and is filled with diagrams and illustrations. If you have a friend or family member who you think can be persuaded, perhaps buy them a copy of the book as a present.


Organise local events

If you really want to help, why not organise an event? It could be getting some friends round for a 'book group' to read and discuss what's in it, or perhaps you'd like to arrange a town hall meeting. Common Weal is working on starter packs which will help you do just that.


Join our volunteers

If you really want to help, contact Common Weal and join our list of volunteers. Throughout 2020 our volunteers will be helping to spread the word and you'd be very welcome to join them (email


Support Common Weal

Common Weal is entirely funded by small donations from members of the public and we need that support to be able to campaign for the Common Home Plan. If you can donate, please sign up on our website. If not, join our mailing list anyway and keep up to speed with the campaign (