The Common Weal Policy Podcast – Episode #17

date: 24/07/2019

Episode 17 of the Common Weal Policy Podcast

You can download this episode directly here.

In this week’s Common Weal Policy Podcast Campaigns Officer Jonathon Shafi and Research Intern Lewis Akers discuss Boris Johnson’s rise to Prime Minister of the UK and the implications that may have for Scotland.

They also discuss Common Weal’s new policy paper, Scotland’s Trade, which examines the importance of having good data on Scotland’s imports and exports and the effect this has on policy trade policy as well as economic and foreign policy. The implications for Scottish independence and the negotiations that Scotland will have to have with the remaining UK and with other states is also discussed.

Finally, Jonathon and Lewis talk about a Scottish Statistics Agency and how it could be used to improve Scotland’s trade data.

Common Weal’s work is only possible thanks to our generous supporters who regularly donate an average of £10 per month. If you would like to help us build our vision of an All of Us First Scotland, you can do so here: https://commonweal.scot/about/donate

The Policy Podcast would like to discuss all of Common Weal’s policy papers in detail over the next several months so if there are any papers that you would like to see covered sooner rather than later, send your suggestions in to craig@common.scot

“Hiding Your Reality” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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