The Common Weal Policy Podcast – Episode #50

date: 01/07/2020

Episode 50 of the Common Weal Policy Podcast

You can download the episode directly here.

This week, Jonathon Shafi and Craig Dalzell explore the growing tensions between Scotland and the UK Government. Scuffles over the impact of pandemic responses on the Anglo-Scottish border are rapidly becoming a constitutional issue, the UK’s refusal to extent the Brexit Transition Period highlights promised from the SNP to not see Scotland taken out of the EU against its will and political discussions over the various routes towards a second democratic event indicating support for independence are heating up.

Common Weal has discussed many of these issues previously in policy papers such as our papers on the Border, our strategy to win independence and our post-covid reconstruction plans.

And all of Common Weal’s policy work can all be found in the Common Weal Policy Library.

Apologies for the drop in sound quality in this episode. This is due to the technical limitations imposed by the current UK lockdown.

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The Policy Podcast would like to discuss all of Common Weal’s policy papers in detail over the next several months so if there are any papers that you would like to see covered sooner rather than later, send your suggestions in to craig@common.scot

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“Hiding Your Reality” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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