The Common Weal Policy Podcast – Episode #9

date: 22/05/2019

Episode 9 of the Common Weal Policy Podcast

You can download this episode directly here.

Common Weal’s Head of Policy & Research Dr Craig Dalzell is joined by volunteer researcher Lewis Akers to discuss Common Weal’s trip to Catalonia and recent policy news.

The Common Weal team spent last week in a mountain retreat in Catalonia with Ulex where we took part in a training session on organising activist campaigns – a very valuable experience for all and we’ve come back raring to crack on at advocating our policies in Scotland.

While we were away, two papers of interest were published.

First was Just Warmth – a paper by the Common Weal Energy Working Group which explores how Scotland could develop a network of district heating systems which would make the delivery of heat to Scottish homes a services utility and would be able to deliver that service more efficiently than the individual boilers that most of us are used to.

Next was Sea Change – a paper by Friends of the Earth Scotland which was endorsed by Common Weal. This paper looks at how we need to decommission the North Sea oil industry to meet our Green New Deal targets and how we can make that decommissioning part of a Just Transition to renewables.

Then Lewis and Craig discuss the UN report published today which examines the extent of poverty throughout the UK and makes – in full and surprisingly frank language – for a damning indictment of UK Austerity policy.

Common Weal’s work is only possible thanks to our generous supporters who regularly donate an average of £10 per month. If you would like to help us build our vision of an All of Us First Scotland, you can do so here: https://commonweal.scot/about/donate

The Policy Podcast would like to discuss all of Common Weal’s policy papers in detail over the next several months so if there are any papers that you would like to see covered sooner rather than later, send your suggestions in to craig@common.scot

“Hiding Your Reality” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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