Common Weal Inverness and InverYes – Consideration of the Sustainable Growth Commission Report

Overview —

A study group comprised of members from Common Weal Inverness and InverYes undertook a detailed reading of the report published by the Sustainable Growth Commission and have collated their thoughts, opinions and recommendations ahead of attending the National Assemblies.


Common Weal Inverness


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The study group comprising Common Weal Local Groups and InverYes had considered the Common Weal book How to Start a New Country during May and early June. They have then turned their attention to reviewing and commenting on the Sustainable Growth Commission (SGC) report. Prior to meeting study group members completed a Recommendations Response form.

The results are attached as Appendix 1 and were used to focus the study group discussions and to help devise a joint response. The group’s response will be used to feed into the forthcoming SGC National assemblies to be held in the autumn.

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