Response to the Adult Care Review

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The Common Weal Care Reform Working Group responds to the Feeley Review’s recommendations.


Common Weal Care Reform Group

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Common Weal published its Manifesto for a National Care Service on 27 January, the week before the Scottish Government published the report of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care.

The two documents are written in very different styles and have very different starting points: Common Weal’s manifesto being designed to articulate a set of principles on which a new National Care Service should be founded, the Adult Care Review (ACR) “to recommend improvements to adult social care in Scotland”.

The purpose of this briefing is to evaluate how far the recommendations in the Independent Care Review deliver against the aims, objectives and principles set out in our Manifesto and more generally would create a National Care Service worthy of the name.


― The Adult Care Review (ACR) fails to create a coherent rationale and public narrative for the future of social care.

― It fails to set out terms and structures of a comprehensive National Care System.

― It does not attempt to determine how the current system developed in the way that it did or to prevent its failures from happening again.

― Whilst some of the ACR’s specific proposals represent an improvement over the current situation, they are often present in a piecemeal and uncoordinated way.

― This report responds to the Adult Care Review by applying the principles laid out in Common Weal’s Manifesto for a National Care Service and determining where the ACR meets or fails to meet those principles.

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