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Overview —

The combined crises of the Covid pandemic and the impending climate emergency mean that Scotland must drastically reconfigure how our economy and society works.

In this Consultation Response, we outline how our town centres can be reformed and regenerated using the principles laid out by our Resilient Scotland plan.

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Craig Dalzell

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Town centre regeneration has been a topic subject to dichotomies in Scottish political thinking. For every person who believes that “something should be done” to reverse the long term decay of our towns, there are others who simply accept that the decline is either inevitable or even hold it to be a positive thing. Common Weal rejects this latter view especially as the pandemic and lockdown has demonstrated just how vital local community is in times of crisis.

    In this Consultation Response we provide short summary of our work, particularly our Resilience programme, as it pertains to the restructuring of our town centres to adapt to the post-Covid world.

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