Public Finance

A Scotland in which our collective future is built by investment. Investment to transform a regional into a national economy and to break the cycle of failure.

Illustration shows a group of miniature figures walk across open hands which form a bridge.

Reports Related to Finance and Tax

Scotland Against PPP

One of our many papers against PFI projects and the risk they pose to public finance. You could put all of them in there but this is the most recent and up to date.

Beyond GERS↗

On how the very fact of Scottish independence will improve our public finances due to the way that the UK treats Scotland as a regional accounting unit within a state.

An Independent Scotland’s Borders and Customs↗

The idea of a “border” being created by independence needn’t be a bad thing, but an opportunity to capture revenue from trade currently lost by the UK not implementing proper customs checks.

A Scottish Tax System↗

Written by Prof Richard Murphy, this paper outlines the principles of a modern tax system for an independent Scotland.

Resilience Economics↗

Money isn’t everything. The Scottish economy needs to work in a way that puts All of Us First.

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