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In a Common Weal future we will all matter and none of us will be considered expendable. This is a simple concept to grasp when we are driven by equality and when compassion and empathy are tightly weaved within the fabric of our work.
The books in this bundle will provide an insight into some of our nation’s vulnerabilities and will expose the need for different systems to be designed and adopted for the wellbeing of the whole and not just a few individuals, but most importantly, it will provide inspiration, ideas and proposals which are tangible and possible and which would provide the blueprint for the kind of Scotland we all would feel safe and cared for in.
Our festive bundles come gift-wrapped in sturdy recycled kraft brown paper stamped with our ‘All Of Us First’ motto within their transit box. You can choose to send them directly to their ultimate destination or receive them yourself for gifting in person.
1x copy of ‘Caring for All’
1x copy of ‘All of Our Futures’
1x copy of ‘Sorted’

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