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Give the gift of hope this festive season, let it stay and last and flourish in your loved ones’ lives. Help them discover Common Weal and join us all in the fight for a better, fairer Scotland.
This bundle includes a selection of our most inspiring and latest publications. We want you to know that there is a way forward, that we’ve worked hard to provide an alternative and that in this bundle, you and your loved ones will find many answers, many reasons to keep on trying, many reasons to keep on hoping. We’ve also thrown in one of our gorgeous and sturdy organic cotton carrier bags to help carry them around wherever you are and one of our super practical wee notebooks to host all the new ideas and feedback that will grow our collective thoughts into an unstoppable movement.
Our festive bundles come gift-wrapped in sturdy recycled kraft brown paper stamped with our ‘All Of Us First’ motto within their transit box. You can choose to send them directly to their ultimate destination or receive them yourself for gifting in person.
1x copy of ‘The Common Home Plan’
1x copy of ‘Sorted’
1x copy of ‘Direction’ (our latest book)
1x Shopping Bag
1x Pocket Hardback Notebook

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