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We designed this bundle for those in your life who will not stand by injustice without a fight.
 Peace should be a universal standard in every human life, not a wish. Equality is essential for this to be possible. Strength and unity are how we amplify this message to make it into a reality. While Robert Duncan’s ‘Objectors and Resisters’ pays homage to the outstanding women and men who fought against the sdrive to war and conscription of young men during WW1, ‘Sorted’ provides a look at what a better, fairer, more equal Scotland could be and how we get there. A Scotland which values peace and the end of oppression as an indisputable principle. Our Saltire-inspired bandana can be worn proudly by anyone fighting for peace and human rights, for as the motto in it reads, a better Scotland will be one that puts “All Of Us First”.
Our festive bundles come gift-wrapped in sturdy recycled kraft brown paper stamped with our ‘All Of Us First’ motto within their transit box. You can choose to send them directly to their ultimate destination or receive them yourself for gifting in person.
1x copy of ‘Objectors and Resisters’
1x copy of ‘Sorted’
1x Large Organic Cotton Bandana (human-sized… or large beastie-sized)

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