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A lot of our work is forward thinking; we work tirelessly to design a better future for Scotland and all the people who call it home. But for our ideas to evolve and grow into what they are today, they had to start with a basic principle of fairness and by the wealth and inspiration that collaboration and our support base has provided.
This bundle compiles the origins of each of our main pieces of work, the exploration of what we learned from people all over the country and the shared passion to make our country a better place for all. Although a bit outdated, each of the books in this bundle is packed with ideas and proposals that are still very relevant and useful for those seeking to carve their own path towards the goal of creating a society that treats every one of its members with dignity, fairness and compassion. We have added one of our wee notebooks to help the recipient of this gift bundle to compile their own wee book of ideas and a set of Common Weal badges (which we do not produce any more) to compliment the time-travelling experience to when it all began.
Our festive bundles come gift-wrapped in sturdy recycled kraft brown paper stamped with our ‘All Of Us First’ motto within their transit box. You can choose to send them directly to their ultimate destination or receive them yourself for gifting in person. 
1x copy of ‘Common Weal; Practical Idealism for Scotland’
1x copy of ‘A Butterfly Rammy’
1x copy of ‘A Book of Ideas’
1x copy of ‘Determination’
1x copy of ‘A Short Guide on How to Start a New Country’
1x Pocket Hardback Notebook
1x set of CW Badges

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