SORTED; A Handbook For A Better Scotland


We thought it was time to stop describing problems. Sorted is about what’s possible. It’s a handbook for a better Scotland. A vision for a shared future in an independent Scotland.

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This book exists not just to persuade you that the answer is yes, but to put the answers about how to do it in your hands. It imagines we are at the start of the first ten years of Scotland being an independent country (though there are plenty of things here to be getting on with while we wait).

It describes what kind of society we can now build and explains the guiding principles of how to go about building it. Then it takes every part of life in Scotland and puts forward a case for change. It describes how we can make independence and Scotland successful.

It explains how to build our industrial base, tackle poverty, combat the climate crisis, raise wages, improve our quality of life and stay safe in an uncertain world – and much more besides. If there’s something you think needs fixed, you’ll probably find an explanation of how to fix it in these pages.




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