SORTED: A Handbook for a better Scotland

We thought it was time to stop describing problems.

Help us campaign on a vision for a shared future in an independent Scotland.

This book exists not just to persuade you that the answer is yes, but to put the answers about how to do it in your hands.

Illustration shows a group of people pulling ropes to try and move a jigsaw piece representing Scotland. While a single large pair of hands pulls the piece in the opposing direction.

Sorted is about what is possible.

Sorted imagines we are at the start of the first ten years of Scotland being an independent country. (Though there is much we can do straight away.)

We describe what kind of society we can build now. To do any kind of building you always need a plan. Common Weal has one. It will take hope and cooperation to see it through.

It means that we need every person in every community, every workplace and our leaders to grasp these guiding principles, so we can begin building a better Scotland right away.

Over the coming months we will use this book to highlight every part of life in Scotland where we can put forward a case for change.

Just take a look at the policy areas which the book covers below. We will be adding stories to these throughout the campaign.

We have learnt that in order to turn ideas into tools, we need advocates out there. People who are prepared to help shift Scotland from centralised, short term debate toward how we can make Independence and Scotland successful.

This Week’s Story: A Global outlook and Scotland’s Arts

Watch as Antoine describes how things have changed for those who want to come to Scotland to work and live and how being an artist in Scotland has changed for the better. Common Weal has created a fictional character to explain how Scotland could have a better international policy in an independent Scotland, one that is accountable and ambitious. While we also felt this was an opportunity to show how the cultural industry might grow and thrive as a result.

Unfortunately unlike Antoine’s account, the Foreign Policy which Scotland is subject to, is currently beyond our choice. But with change comes an enormous opportunity to develop a different personality, to take a different stance, to be a different kind of friend to the world. 
We have plenty more to say on these subjects as part of our #SORTED campaign.

So help Us Build Something better.

We want you to be a key part of this, are you ready to get involved?

The links above are just a glimpse of some the chapters in the book. To read in full what we have to say about: Democracy, Currency & Banking, Living Standards, Place & Buildings, Sports, Arts , Digital transformation and routes to independence. You will need to purchase the book. We will be making aspects available to access through other means, but right now head to our online shop to order a copy

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