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A Statement From the Board of Common Weal

The Board of Common Weal and the Director, Robin McAlpine, believe nothing must be allowed to distract from the important work of the organisation. Our policy platform and campaigns have become central to the case for a progressive independent Scotland and are available to all who support this cause. This resource is more vital now than ever.

A recent article written by the Common Weal Director, and its fallout, has threatened to disrupt the common purpose of the Common Weal family as we pursue this goal. As a result, Robin has asked to step down from his position as Common Weal Director. He will focus on a new role dedicated to policy development while a new Director will lead the whole team.

The Board have agreed to set up a working group who - alongside our staff - will restructure the organisation. This will consider how best to create a new leadership team, reflecting the diversity and experience within the organisation, and drawing on the talents of our now extensive network of local groups, volunteers and supporters. Publicly, Common Weal will be represented by a range of spokespeople, reflecting a new phase of development for the think tank.

In addition, there will be an audit of our internal systems and a rigorous approach to ensuring they are fit for purpose, employing the use of external professionals and trade unions to facilitate this process.