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Volunteering opportunities

At Common Weal, we depend entirely on the support and kindness of our donors, subscribers and volunteers. Whether they are part of our Local Groups, volunteer in a specific area or support us from the sidelines, they are at the heart of everything we do.

We’ve been looking at how to support and guide people who would like to volunteer with Common Weal and we’re hiring a Networks Coordinator who will be there to support volunteers and our other networks. In the past, we’ve been delighted to have so many people volunteering but we haven’t always had the resources to help them succeed. So that’s all changing. Rather than just asking for generic “volunteer with us”, we’ll be doing more to help people participate in more constructive ways and with more support.

To start this off, we’ve got some suggestions for groups that you might like to join as a volunteer. If you don’t see something here that appeals, do get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator, Elaine, at dosomething@common.scot and tell her what you’d like to contribute.

Local Groups

There are already many local Common Weal groups across Scotland and they tend to have local issues at their heart. If you’d like to be hooked up with like-minded people in your area, or perhaps even to start up a new local group, please talk with Elaine about how to get started.

Radio Rammy

Have you ever been listening to a radio call-in show and felt your views weren’t being heard? Common Weal is looking for volunteers willing to work with us to get the Common Weal view across, either on call-in shows, letters to the editor or other opportunities. Do let us know if that appeals to you.. we have a new way of supporting this.

Media Mavens

Our Communications Coordinator, Rory Hamilton, puts out some very interesting social media but he needs help. We’re also looking for people to help create our new Common Weal Campaign Centre… a social network just for Common Weal activists. Our Media Mavens will be able to help us build this and create an activist hub. If you would like to work with Rory ensuring Common Weal’s work is actually out there influencing social media, please get in touch!

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