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A view of tower blocks in Glasgow with maisonette housing in the foreground

Social Housing Costs Jacked Up

Leo is shocked: how can it be that the emergency rent freeze has been allowed to end with no alternative in place? As Common Weal has long advocated: Social Housing should be a primary offer to Scotlands people. We cannot extract more than people can afford.

Housing 2040 Consultation Response

The 2040 “Vision” document sets out aspirations. The overall message, that a good home and community, as a human right, is a font of wellbeing, rather than an outcome of wealth-creation, is very welcome. The following suggests the levers necessary to deliver this and its associated aspirations. It also notes the places where associated policy […]

Transform Scotland's Housing

Common Weal believes that Scotland can do much to improve all sectors of housing in Scotland whether in public rental, private rental or owned housing.

Public Land Value Capture: A new model for housing development in Scotland

This report outlines the case for public land value capture – the process by which councils, not those selling land, can benefit from the increase in land value due to changing use (such as planning permission for housing) or can reduce house prices by not passing that uplifted cost on to renters and buyers of […]

Housing For A Better Nation

Good housing needs more than good housing policy: housing policy needs to be part of wider social changes towards a more equal, community-centred, environmentally sustainable society, but good housing policy can make an important contribution to those changes. Economic considerations remain key, but we need to transcend the destructive veneration of GDP.This paper outlines a […]


Kaitlin Dryburgh Tonight marks the first of three concerts where Taylor Swift will be gracing the city of Edinburgh with her presence. In the run …

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